17 November 2009

Overcome by events

It's 8:00, I'm trying to write a paper about the Ivory Coast and the Millennium Development goals focusing on education and analyse how the Ivory Coast is doing as far as progress toward those goals..... it's due in 13 hours.
so naturally I will have to feed my dogs, which puts me in sight of my family who snag me for a 10 min. conversation about if we agree that we are hungry, if we should order or cook, and what to cook now that we've decided to cook, and then i break free from that only to sit on my couch where by now i have forgotten that i have a drink propped precariously in the corner on the cushion. I plop down and down comes my drink as well. fortunately not on my lappy which contains the only copy of said paper, but instead all over me and into the crease of my micro-suede couch that I bought for a whopping $600. So i sacrifice some warm clothing to sop up some of the drink before it absorbs too much into the couch. grab a towel to soak up the rest, apparently acrylic sweater-blankets don't soak up much booze. I throw the cushions off the couch to discover the damage and make sure the sides are also clean, only to realize that the bed part of the sofa-bed couch is also gathering a puddle. I take all the cushions off, move the coffee table, and pull out the bed to wipe that off. I get that all taken care of with the towel and a dirty sock that is on the floor next to me and try to put the bed back. Naturally the top of the bed should slip off the edge so trying to fold it back into the sitting position is nearly impossible because the mattress is bunching in such a way that prevents further movement. I re fold the bed two more times before i figure out that i can hook the edge of the mattress around the edge of the frame and that will hold it in the correct position for folding. how i ever got this thing folded up in the first place is a wonder to me. anyway, i get it folded and now that I'm half naked and what clothes i used to have on are now soaking with booze i decided to put more clothes on, throw the previous outfit and some work clothes for tomorrow into the washer, but i forget MY laundry soap downstairs, (I really hate Fabreeze and that is the ONLY thing my family buys, so i get myself ALL) so i go back only to get more clothes rather than laundry soap, so one more time i go down stairs and back up, nearly getting taken out by my Little dog because she is so excited about me going up and down the stairs that she wants in on the fun of going up and down too. I also take my dad's shirts out of the dryer and take them up stairs to their room which may have turned out to be a mistake because on my way back down stairs, since I'm again within sight of the family, my mom asks me about helping my brother register for classes. I ask when he needs to be registered - he doesn't know - so mom says the sooner the better. I say I'll get my paper done and then be on the way to helping him. I get back down stairs and put the couch back together pick up my computer just in time for it to log out. (Horray!) I log back in to find that part of the logging out process is that all of my applications have been closed and all information i may have not saved prior to throwing off my clothing to save my couch from a booze bath is now gone. Fortunately, lappy (my lap top's name) has decided it likes me enough to recover files. cool. BUT! it also has decided to keep my applications up to date which on another occasion is nothing to worry about. Today Lappy decided that Safari needed to be updated. Now seeing as thought this paper is a research paper, i need the Internet and Lappy is insistent when it comes to updates, and i was not allowed to use Safari until it was done updating... including a reboot of the computer. -Awesome - Reboot started, and i went upstairs to get another drink... Mikes' hard lemonade original if anyone cares.. the dogs are begging to go out, so i let them, go back down stairs and re-log onto my computer this time i had remembered to save, therefore i have not lost anything. I put the room back together sit down to write and no sooner than when i get all of the windows associated with the various parts of writing this paper open does my dad then stand at the top of the stairs turning the hall light on and off like a strobe. this may seem odd, but when you live in the basement you are either summoned by banging on the floor, or flashing lights (i believe this could be the reason SOME families have intercoms or radios or... legs... but not my family) so i shout up (mind you i can see his feet from where I'm sitting) "Yes papa?" ...... nothing, more flashing..... "yeah?"....... flashing........ i walk over the 15 feet to the bottom of the stairs and ask what's up. "Are you hungry?" admittedly he was not in the 10 min conversation about hunger and the unanimous agreement that we are in fact hungry, but still. i ask "so does that mean dinner is ready?" his reply "if you want it." So i go upstairs so that i can wait in line to serve up dinner. While putting the last bits into my bowl i ask "so are we sitting together?" now just to let you know something, it's a challenge to get everyone to sit at the table and there are only 4 of us in the house right now, so eating together is both rare and therefore cherished, but rare and therefore of course what we are going to do now that i have a paper to write. We sit together and eat. it was good family time, but this situation struck me so funny that i had to write about it, so now that i have lengthened this battle with the latest windmill by blogging about it. I'm off to write a paper on the Ivory Coast.
C'et la Vie!

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